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In recent years, paid photo repositories have become part of the toolbox of every website builder or website designer due to the number of lawsuits in which website owners were required to pay relatively high amounts to copyright holders for photos taken from them without permission.

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Therefore, purchasing photos from a licensed photo site is mandatory in order to avoid unnecessary lawsuits. You can find beautiful images for free download but be careful if they are copyright free as such a situation puts you at risk of a lawsuit.

The image databases (also known as image banks) make it possible to find a convenient solution to this problem because they allow you to choose from a large variety of images to download that can be used according to the site’s license conditions.

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Since there is a huge variety of paid photo repositories on the Internet (and quite a few for free), we decided to bring you an overview of recommended photo repositories.

Paid or partially free image repositories

Download beautiful pictures
Buying photos is the recommended way to avoid lawsuits and threats of all kinds. The price of an image on average exceeds only one dollar, and many repositories offer profitable deals here, so it’s worth following.
This stock of images offers the largest variety of images, illustrations, as well as high quality videos. You can sort out the photos in many different ways: such as keywords, popularity, the name of the photographer or illustrator, and quality versus relevance.

The payment model is quite flexible and offers a monthly or annual subscription at varying prices (starting at $29 per month) according to the number of photos you wish to download.

You can also purchase a fixed number of photos for a one-time fee without making a subscription. The videos can only be purchased on a quantitative basis without the possibility of making a subscription.

A specific advantage of this image repository is that since it is not based on paid credits, you do not have to pay more for high resolution images.

Link to DepositPhotos

Photo sites – photos for purchase from recommended photo repositories
Photo sites – photos for purchase from recommended photo databases
The site is a paid image database that also offers video or audio clips, vectors, icons and infographics.

Several exclusive features of the site:

Built-in graphic editor for marking numbers or performing filters before downloading the image
Option to do a reverse search for similar images based on an image found on the Internet or an image uploaded to the site
Saving lists of images for later use
Bank of free images to use
This photo site uses a system of credits, so the user buys a certain number of credits (from forty dollars to forty credits) and the number of credits required for downloads varies according to the size of the image, the resolution of the video or the type of sound (music or effects).

You can also purchase an extended license for images for more credits, such as a license that allows the images to be used for printed media as well.

The subscription model allows you to purchase a predetermined number of high quality photos in all resolutions with a daily or monthly limit (starting at $60 per month for 5 photos per day).

Link to RF123
This photo site offers a stock of regular photos, illustrative photos, illustrations, videos and a limited stock of free photos. Unlike other photo bank sites, the site also serves as a type of community and a meeting place between photographers and clients through a system of discussion groups and blogs.

Another interesting option is to search for images on the world map.

The site uses a system of credits whose biggest advantage is the use of shekels instead of dollars, so that there is no need to calculate exactly how much we will pay after the conversion to dollars and the commissions of the credit companies. (The minimum amount is 11 credits for NIS 60).

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There is also a subscription-based program where you can download photos, a fixed number of photos (starting at NIS 101 per month for 5 photos, with the first week being almost free).

It is also possible to purchase a video subscription where the subscription price varies according to the number of downloads and video quality.