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In recent years, paid photo repositories have become part of the toolbox of every website builder or website designer due to the number of lawsuits in which website owners were required to pay relatively high amounts to copyright holders for photos taken from them without permission.

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This is a database that, in my opinion, perfectly combines professionalism and price. You can subscribe to thirty photos for about 30 dollars (it varies from time to time) per month. It costs a dollar per image or vector when here we are talking about a selection of beautiful images and a higher quality than the free databases we mentioned.

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Icons & Illustration

Roobet leading image database and one of the best on the internet in my opinion. The interface is particularly convenient, and the website also has a huge database of not only images for download, but also: video clips, sound files, illustrations, vectors and more.

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Video & Motion

Similar to other photo repositories, here you will find 2 purchase routes: one, according to the number of photos per month and the second according to credits / points. Here too it is a database with a huge selection of images, illustrations, icons, video files, sound files and more.

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